La Poutine.

La Poutine offers the largest selection of Poutine in Thunder Bay with more than 30+ poutines, 8 gravy options (including Gluten Free and vegan), and 4 different cheese.

LA POUTINE is the place to come and indulge in true comfort food with a rich cultural and traditional history rooted in Québec. It is a locally owned and operated fast food restaurant; a great takeout restaurant –mom and pop style serving the best of Montréal's greasy spoon: The steamy, the infamous poutine, the Hebrew Delicatessen smoked meat sandwiches, fresh never frozen burgers, and thick, creamy milkshakes. The decor and menu is built around its food challenge, with a Montréal flair, and a limited seating’s waiting area.

Why visit la Poutine? To experience a real poutine, prepared with love by a Québéçoise.

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The Champ

Will you be on the Wall of Shame or Wall of Fame?

Think you can beat our challenge?

6 inches tall, 1 pound burger, 2 pounds of fries, and a 35oz milkshake.

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Local Partners

One of La poutine's goals is to partner with as many other local businesses as possible.

If you are a business whose product fits our market, we would love to hear from you!

Maltese Grocery
The Cheese Encounter
Potato Farm
Holsum Bakery